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"I've known Sam for 2 years and every time we meet I leave with a better bearing on life direction.  Through Sam I've managed to de-clutter my "everyday" and sensitize to what really matters in life."

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The BEST WAY to answer your questions on coaching is to talk in person.  Please call 318-655-3984.  Let's talk, leave a message or email me samkendrick@pobox.com.  I will get back to you.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a meaningful, collaborative method, process, and relationship between you and a professional life coach to bring about the changes you want in your life or organization.  Some clients want more success at work or greater meaning in relationships.  Others may want less stress, reduced conflicts, or a change of career.  A Life Coach works with you for the things you want.

Coaching is about a relationship with someone you trust.  So you better learn a little about me.  Sam Kendrick

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What do we do?

We talk in person or on the phone two or three times a month, about an hour each time.  You get to dream big! What do you want?  What do you want to change in your life?  Little or big.  Inside or outside.  How do your desires and dreams fit with your values? 

We then design practical steps for you to move towards your goals.  As you take steps towards where you want to be, you see your life transformed.  You're taking responsibility for your life and seeing your dreams come true.  Clients may be in the process for a few months, some for a few years.  As your coach I provide a private, confidential, mature relationship to think with you, ask questions, and encourage your thinking.

"I can honestly say that I have never closed the door on one our sessions without receiving prudent direction towards any topic we discussed. I also cherish the quality of genuineness that Sam represents."

Single Businessman, 30+

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What's the cost?

The monthly fees for coaching services vary, depending on the frequency and duration of calls.  Call me and we can talk in more detail.

Imagine having someone completely focused on your success. As a professional coach I will pay close attention to what you are saying, so that you are truly heard, and help you to think through what needs to be done in order to be successful.  Where else can you find this motivational dialog?  Most people could probably use a coach.


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